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I feel privileged to be involved with a lot of creative projects — some I own fully, others I collaborate with some really inspiring people on.

Pacifica Studio

I founded Pacifica Studio, formerly City On Fire, a boutique print and interactive design studio specializing in projects for the film and media industry, educational platforms and media channels, entrepreneurs and startups, creative and arts organizations, and non-profits. We provide full-service creative direction including web and print design, content and communication strategy, and just generally being a trusted team to help create genuine connections with audiences. I and my team take on selected projects.

Sundance Institute

I've been a guest lecturer and consultant for Sundance's Creative Distribution Initiative and am designing a series of booklets for them to help filmmakers better reach audiences.

Service Direct

I'm the creative director and UX Strategist for Service Direct, an innovative advertising agency helping local service providers across the country gain valuable new customers.


I'm the creative director and strategic consultant at Tugg, Inc., a company featured in major film and tech press as a revolutionary crowdsourced theatrical film distribution and licensing platform that has brought thousands of film events across the US, Canada, and Australia.

Island Earth

Producer and creative consultant for Cyrus Sutton's multiple award-winning feature film about the many aspects of food growing as seen through the microcosm of the Hawaiian islands.

Director Terrence Malick

I design and provide creative consulting for legendary director Terrence Malick who has said I have "an absolutely brilliant graphic sense". Coming from him, I'm completely humbled.

Tylie Ad Solutions

I'm the creative director and UX Strategist for Tylie, the leading provider of global commercial video ad delivery and post-production services.

SK Global Ent.

I provide web design and strategy services for SK Global Ent., a major international film production and distribution studio based in Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong with a long list of award-winning and wide-release popular films to their credits.

United Way

I provided video direction, photography, and design for a series of projects centered on helping vulnerable populations avoid predatory lending practices and encourage self-sufficiency and opportunity creation to rise out of poverty.

Live A Great Story

I'm involved with the inspirational brand Live A Great Story as lead designer and strategist to expand the rapidly growing brand.
Join us at Live A Great Story.

Broad Green

I was the Director of Design at Broad Green, a new era movie production and distribution studio based in Los Angeles that prides itself on providing artists with the space and resources to create their best work. Broad Green films are regularly honored at the major global film festivals and also reach mass audiences through wide theatrical release.

Guest Lectures

I value everyone that has impacted my education over the years and I enjoy giving back through guest lectures on media, design, and photography at universities as well as conferences.
Check out my speaking topics and please Contact me for booking.


I've photographed many musicians in both documentary and live music settings as well as contributed architectural and portrait photography to various print and online magazines. My documentary work in Nepal, Cuba, and the American West will be released as coffee-table books. I was also a featured artist in the polaroid book Still Developing.


Echotone is a New York Times Critics' Pick music documentary I co-produced with Reversal Films and director Nathan Christ. It's art, commerce, urbanism, politics, and rock and roll clashing and blending. We are currently developing it into an episodic series.
Watch the film on Hulu

Ghostland Observatory

Ghostland Observatory is an electro-rock duo who have headlined festivals all over the world. I released their debut record and have since designed their albums and other materials as well as photographed them through the course of some epic journeys into the deserts of West Texas as well as the sonic mindscapes of studio sessions.
Check out their label trashymoped.com

Arcos Films

I was the Creative Director and Multimedia Producer at Arcos Films, a studio focused on documentary work about societal issues. Our projects include the Switch Energy Project, an award-winning feature-film, video library, and educational portal focusing on global energy issues and the Mental Health Channel, an award-winning online video channel with a diverse slate of documentary shows dedicated to mental health topics, syndicated nationally on PBS.


I joined the Maptia team in early 2014 to help develop what we've calling "the most beautiful way to tell stories about the world."
Join us at Maptia and see my stories at Maptia – Daniel Perlaky.

Rising Tide Project

Rising Tide is a video, web, and works project to help educate and empower women in the developing world because they have a major impact on improving life in the world's poorest countries.

Indierect Records

Indierect is record label and music management service focused on indie rock bands. Though it's now on hiatus, it enabled me to work with lots of great musicians, event promoters, and press as well as tour the country.


Co-produced and designed Bleach, an online magazine featuring art, fashion, photography, and creative culture.

Still Developing

Still Developing: A Story of Instant Gratification is a book of essays and galleries devoted to Polaroid photography that I designed and co-edited with Los Angeles-based non-profit ISM.
Still Developing book

Selected Clients and Projects

Sundance Institute
Terrence Malick director
Tylie Ad Solutions
Service Direct
United Way
South By Southwest (SXSW)
Tugg Inc.
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment / SKE Global
NPR Generation Listen
Island Earth film
Fortress Festival
Awaken film
Everybody Helping Co.
Broad Green Pictures
University of Texas CLE Arcos Films
Switch Energy Project
Mental Health Channel
Echotone film
Hybrid Cinema
Ghostland Observatory
Bunker77 film
Marfa Film Festival
Nui Organics
Frog Music Licensing
Field Productions
Lance Letscher visual artist
Blood Brother film
Fantastic Film Fest
KUT NPR Station
Nathan Christ director
72 Productions
Fun Fun Fun Fest
Art Disaster music showcase
Backyard Farms
Odic Force Magazine
Trashy Moped Recordings
Austin Music Magazine
ATX Emerge and Converge
Reversal Films
Tribeza Magazine
Andrew Hinman Architecture